Wine & Spirits Guild Info.

The Wine and Spirits Guild of America has played a vital role in the growth of the nation's alcoholic beverage industry.

Comprised of independent retailers and multi-location, intra-state chains, the Guild has about 40 primary members, doing business in states from New York to Alaska and Hawaii. Guild members operate more than 500 stores, accumulating over $2 billion in annual sales. All of which makes the Guild the one wine and spirits association that truly covers the entire United States.

To understand why the Guild is so important to the wine and spirits industry, consider the implications of the 21st Amendment to our Constitution. By giving each individual state sole control over the sale of alcoholic beverages, this Amendment created an environment unique in all of American retailing. It's the reason there are no multi-state chains, such as Wal-Mart, in our industry.

Each major market in the US has a leader whose stores are the largest and most successful, who projects the most innovative marketing techniques, offers the finest and deepest selection of spirits, wine, and beer and promotes the moderate and responsible consumption of alcohol. These market leaders have been selected for membership in The Wine and Spirits Guild, making it the most influential association of alcoholic beverage retailers in the U.S.

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