Violets Vino   


Thrive Pinot Grigio
The Wine
Legacy is not a cold monument that shines from endless admiration, but a cupped hand of seeds that we plant where we are whether we mean to or not.  What grows where we have been is not always up to us.  We can peel, core, and afford, but others must decide for what they are and will be hungry.  
Versus 31:  Both
There is such a thing as a close reading of the unwritten—in the place where the current can either
Harm or heal,
Revive or restrain, 
Ignite or impair, 
Verify or victimize, 
Embolden or embarrass,
Prop or pare—in the place where the past in the eyes of those renders them
Invisible and visible at once,
Not always in ways that we admit aloud but in ways that call on 
Our senses’ memories
To acknowledge the irrepressible aortic 
Right where we found it and promised anyone who would listen that judgment forms a straight line
In the place where 
Goodness pretends not to notice the brief billow of 
Inspection or intention, 
One, after one, after one. 


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