Violets Vino   

Liberated Cabernet

The Wine

The cold keeps threadbare company, its rustic gist reminiscent of scrub oak and pinion, hide and toast.  Warmth is an unspent coin sticky in the palm with memory’s quiet and cautionary jam.   
Versus 47:  Congregation 
Loving and knowing are quite different things: unenforced charm, a modest correlate to some holy fire. 
It’s not like we’re wearing wires.  
Balm is a native element for the uncommon, a dimension of archetypal electricity where
Everything we make, we do not politely break.  Disassembly is stray luxury on private reserve. 
Reality affords its own heist, keeps its 
Animal flanks exposed to no one and everyone at once, reminding us that 
There is no penalty for having a mind for useless things.  The 
Embers of humanity revive and outburn when
Dignity is a choir, one 
Composed of sleepy ovation 
And one that hums for all the good 



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