Violets Vino   


Barossa Valley Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre 

The Wine 

We must commit to being lifeworthy in the way that budburst leans toward nothing but the ache of violet, the limb of lilac, the whisker of raspberry, and the nape of fig. The simplest of our requirements go deep, if not down.  

Versus 40:  Constellation

Caught in the doorway we may not demand but 
the space between two rooms and when you
thought no one was there I was in the way
certain things cannot be unknown and 
through what that was that viscous spell that dissonant
diary that cloistered calculus I did not watch you fall down to your knees
as if you had no choice but did cull from the thickness from
a somewhat innocent distance the incremental quarrel 
of atomistic dimensions and the isomorphic accelerant 
of immediately analytic agency when amidst the 
smattering of singular utterance bereft of nothing and
everything at once you said but are you
coming home you stood standing and said
I said are you coming home.



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