Violets Vino   

La Capranera Falanghina Campania 
The Wine
It takes an unfathomable calm to get to thieve the hoard.  This is no skintight provocation.  Forgetting is both discipline and art.  Let the dusty cairns of yesterday fall apart of their own volition.  They deserve to be lost.  This morning’s stones are slick with the honeyed sweat of patience.  Wait till you pass on mercy.  You can take whatever you want.  
Embers:  Temper
Chapter 22
Unable to resist greed, he sat just beyond her door in the space where weeds weren’t.  There was nothing precious about it. He was convinced she would grow lazy with sweetness if he hushed her smoke like prose.  He paid no mind.  Freed by work, grudges made bad lovers. 


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