From Winter Red to Summer Whites & Pinks. Tween Time!

03/22/13 at 02:12 PM | Published Under Beer by Mark Gibson

Tween Time


            If you are a purist, and only drink a particular type of wine, the following is not for you.  However, if you are curious, with an adventurous palate, or if you are looking for The Next Big Thing, keep reading.  This is a kind of Tween time for wine drinking…the weather tells you to get your whites and rosés chilled, but your palate isn’t ready to give up on the hearty, cold weather reds…yet.  Luckily, in Colorado, we can get a day like today: 22 centigrade, and the next, we’ll get a blizzard.  Even though it’s not quite time for Vinho Verde, you can still make the transition from red to white. Slowly put down the Cab, back away and no one will get hurt.

            Full figured wines, quite zaftig in stature, are nice transitions to summer.  Chardonnays, Soaves, and warm climate Sauvignon Blancs, all should give the palate something to chew on, but with no tannins.  Admittedly, there is always room at my summer table for a nice red…what else should I drink with a steak? But, on a hot afternoon, a light chilled white is a boon to the soul, and a salute to Bacchus. With the warmer weather, and the desire to shed some of our “winter weight”, we should start eating lighter and cooking things that don’t take too much time, like grilled chicken and fish, sautéed pea shoots and garlic, that whole Mediterrenean diet thing. Here are a few Tween White ideas for the warmer weather.


Inama vin Soave                                         $13.99

Allegrini Soave                                            $16.99

La Bourgeoisie unoaked chardonnay   $12.69

Bouchaine Chardonnay                            $28.99

Duckhorn Sauvignon Blanc                     $26.99

Valley of the Moon Pinot Blanc               $14.99


Go forth and sample, and remember; we spit so you don’t have to,

“Win is the thinking person’s health drink.”

Dr Phillip Norrie