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Spud Vodka is not only a new product at Cheers Liquor Mart, but this premium potato vodka just emerged on the worldwide spirit scene. Spud is made entirely from potatoes using recipes that date back to 8th century Poland. Distilled five times, this vodka is smooth, creamy and gluten-free. Spud is introducing some very unique flavor creations starting with the classic potato, heirloom tomato, ginger lemongrass and red hot chili pepper. Get your taste of these flavors now and stay tuned for new flavors on their way including a few sweet potato varieties.

SpudSpud Potato Vodka


From Spud – “Nose: A rich nose with a round, creamy complex body with hints of pepper

Palate: On the palate, this vodka is full bodied and round with rich pepper & herbal notes







Spud Heirloom Tomato VodkaSpud Vodka


From Spud – “Nose: Alluring nose of tomato with hints of spices and pepper

Palate: Full bodied with notes of black pepper. Both fresh and complex”







Spud ChiliSpud Red Hot Chili Pepper Vodka


From Spud – “Nose: A peppery yet rounded nose with spiciness and a touch of cardamom

Palate: Balanced and mild but with rich pepper & spicy notes”







Spud Ginger Lemongrass Vodkaspud lemongrass


From Spud – “Nose: A rich nose of full citrus, floral, and ginger with hints of chamomile and aromatic notes of lemon grass

Palate: Complex on the palate with round lemon grass citrus notes and perfect ginger”


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