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The Days of Wine and Rosés Or Those Hazy, Lazy, Crazy Days of Rosés

05/24/13 at 09:37 AM | by Mark Gibson

Don’t mistake Rosés for White Zins, or Blushes, Rosés are different animals indeed. They are light and dry, with hints of fruit from wild strawberry to pickled watermelon rind and currants. The colors run the gamut from Cerasulo (cherry red) to light salmon or melon. There are three ways a winemaker can make a Rosé.

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From Winter Red to Summer Whites & Pinks. Tween Time!

03/22/13 at 02:12 PM | by Mark Gibson

If you are a purist, and only drink a particular type of wine, the following is not for you. However, if you are curious, with an adventurous palate, or if you are looking for The Next Big Thing, keep reading. This is a kind of Tween time for wine drinking…t

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02/18/13 at 03:22 PM | by Mark Gibson

This Sunday, in case you missed it, are the Academy Awards. So, we thought we would help you with planning a viewing party. Here are some bar stocking suggestions to keep with the “Oscar” theme....

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Fondue & Wine

01/11/13 at 02:49 PM | by Mark Gibson

In the seventies, if you were newly married, chances are you had a fondue pot among your wedding presents. For the most part, it was put away untouched, at least until leg waxing became popular. Today, hopefully, with a new fondue pot, you can celebrate winter with a party.

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