Keg Information

Kegs are available in sizes from 1/6 barrels (5.5 gallons) to 1/2 barrels (16 gallons). Not all brands are available in all sizes. We carry a large variety of ice cold domestic and craft beers in stock and can special order imports and other specialty beers that are available from our Colorado beer distributors.

The beers we carry in-stock can be reserved by a simple telephone call. Special order beers must be pre-paid before we will place the order (most are avialable next day).

Equipment deposits are required as follows: $50 for each tap and $30 for each shell. Deposits are fully refundable if returned within 3 working days. A late fee of $1 per day will be added to all past due equipment. Keg shells that are returned to us that were not purchased here will only receive a $5 refund.

We use only picnic pump taps (no CO2). We rent large palstic tubs for $5 ($20 deposit) or sell keg bags for $1.99 each.

Call 719-574-2244 to make your reservation or for pricing and more information