About Cheers Liquor Mart of Colorado Springs

Mark GibsonMARK GIBSON We’ll spit so you don’t have to.
I grew up as an Air Force brat, and joined the Air Force out of College.  I have lived in Europe twice, and in eight states from Florida to Alaska. In college I worked in fine dining restaurants, and developed a taste for wine with food. Living in Europe, I traveled to most of the wine regions in France and Germany, and sampled wine in 8 other countries.  I like to cook, and wine is a large part of that. I have been in the beer and wine business, wholesale and retail, for 16 years, and at Cheers for 12.  I’ve been asked what my favorite wine is, usually while pouring some into a glass.  Most of the time, I just point and say “This one.

ScottSCOTT ANSPACH (Wine Floor Manager) Trust me, drink this
A hometown boy, Scott has been at Cheers for 9 years, as a stocker, and receiver.  He has developed a distinct palate. He appreciates almost all styles of wine, but his favorites are ones that exhibit “smoke and leather”.  Slowly but surely, he is expanding his knowledge of food and wine pairings through trial and error, (pity his wife on the error parts).  


BuckSTEVE BUCK (Stocker)
 “Buck” really didn’t drink wine (alcohol was for funny cars), until his late 30’s, and didn’t know much about wine until he was 50 or so.  He has been working in liquor stores for many years and says the is so much to learn you never stop.  His favorite wines are: Cabs, Zins, and red blends, although he wouldn’t say no to a crisp white on a hot day.