Violets Vino

Yalumba Y Series Shiraz



The Wine


No one really wants to know what it takes, or why our skins are dark and fat with earth, with anise, with plum, with seed.  Secretly we long for the smith to hamper us—to coop—with sweet, firm, and logical bounds.  The Hundred Dresses and the roses, each, are irrepressible.  (Is it ever too late to be kept?)


Rafters 9:  Wringer


(Is cleverness a purposeless garment?  How could we not have known about murmuration?  Does what is loved fit in a container of creative destruction?  When we go to church should we call it fluency?  Did I come easy from a stocked pond?  Will an omen assuage, embolden, or narcotize?  Who might explain why I am surrounded by people leaving me alone?  Are primacy and proximity related?  Is inflammation a consequence of thinking?  Could my worries be categorized as Copernican?  Is it strange if my intuition stutters with syncopation?  How can I dream of the murky hands of a stranger?  I don’t need to be the silkiest lover in the world, but I do wonder about being decent.  What, then, about all of this?  Why?)










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