Violets Vino

Obalo Rioja

“The Wine”

Puzzle on givens and constraints but never depend on the kind of script you can hold in your hands. Maladjustment can be a very pretty thing. In the meantime, consider writing nothing down. We can only see what we can see in a given moment. The invisible bramble untangles itself on the backs of our tongues. Then it rains till it rains and when it stops even the bitter lace of herbs grows sweeter with soft gulps of air. Absence is a durable concept.

Hinges 8: “Dossier”

To abstract the circumstance would have made sense if not for sights refusing to remain unseen. Visibility is only a decontextualized luxury. She had intended all along to cooperate. Standing in a quiet kitchen, she wrapped her arms around her own brittle bodice. The ribs beneath unfolded like steepled fingers. She had always known too much. The emptiness was a hum that filled her at times, but she was not sure it’s what kept her. Memories told her more about now than then. She had finally assumed her true shape. There are many ways to carry the past with us when we leave. To preserve equality, we furnish both sides well with fiction. We hope that the hardest flint of grief is that already endured.




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