Violets Vino   


Argiano NC Rosso Toscano 


The Wine 


Exhaust your capacity in the disinhibition of consolation.  Solemnize your humanity in the blink of a smoothed brow.  Rake your sense in the imminence of anise and juniper and coffee and dime.  Abandon your thrift in this enormous place and know deep what is meant to be. 



Versus 22: Homage



Evidence of the known angles (whoever


you are) does not keep you (but) have no choice (do not walk on your knees) but to 


feast on the boon on the strum on the fabric on this the


(what it offers to)(tell me and I will tell you) plush 


universe this husky pageant that gilds with advice (about 


the harsh loom no matter how lonely there is the world) and with (despair)


the freestanding rave (our family of things) (it goes on) 


then the announcement and the wild ghost sees you (high in the)


from every (pebble of rain) over and over say (I do not have to be good just)


soft animals love what they love (because this) only because


this desert (this spoon) is all the water I need and this life is (whoever I meanwhile


am) all mine. 








For Mary Oliver/Wild Geese



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