Violets Vino 

Satellite Sauvignon Blanc


The Wine


Revelation: caught, kept, given, held.  Applewood, jasmine, spark, and lime.  Blossom and branch, root and bean. Be with me beginning, be with me end. 


Apse 5


Realization settled in beside me in the front seat of one of our old trucks—I’m sure it was the gold Ford—when we were parked at a gas station on the periphery of a tired town in the ossified heart of Wyoming.  The hood and the windshield were scolded and scoured by the sand the wind robbed from the mines. I remember being caught in a soft, bright, and sudden awareness that I was facing due north.  I was assuaged, even in the assault of that brutalizing climate, by the certainty that you were with me.  I knew then that I would tell this story.  I would tell it for you, I would tell it for your brother, and I would tell it for me.  I still have the envelope where I committed the first lines.  I started by saying your name.





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