Violets Vino  

The Fableist Cabernet Sauvignon

The Wine

It is hard not to love the bruise that draws darling bunches of blues to the very surface of us, the cloistered eye that invites us to our cedar and our zest, our knots and our pulp, our splinters and our whorls. Hard edges divine the woe, and turn its pages into the lives we finally devour.

Versus 5: Countervail


I was slow to grasp why you ever seemed a half-step off the curb of poverty—of spirit, of purse, of honey, and of mind. Joy to you was a cult of misconduct, or a fit of sweetened plague that caused you to burst into swarm.


When you slipped back under the surface, the most impossible aspect to discuss was the viscosity of the sky. For once I looked up and surmised that your impatience had made the sun dusty with the lies you told yourself.

If you had made any promises to save the world, no one would remember them. Do not waste your time worrying.


We all want to forget someone.

Reclamation is nothing more than a star with a thousand names, or a peering into the warp of our perceived singularity. I think you think too much. I only wanted to steal from your library.


You are an old neighborhood that I drive through from time to time when I become desperate for something to do. I keep the windows rolled up as tight as I can to keep you from veering anywhere near my fault lines.


Only a vessel of whispers. I could not wait for you to leave me alone.




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