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The new apple expression, a flavor selected to “stay true” to the brand’s Kentucky roots, follows a string of flavored Bourbons released by the company in recent years in an attempt to appeal to new Millennial imbibers who are unfamiliar with the whiskey market. With a refreshing take on family tradition, Jim Beam distillers have brought together the taste of crisp, green apples and Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The result is a perfect balance of apple and delicious bourbon, with a light, juicy twist. The Signature Cocktail, “Jim Beam Apple and Soda,” mixes Jim Beam Apple and club soda over ice, with a wedge of lemon, for a delicious, refreshing cocktail all year round. “With Jim Beam Apple and there other flavored products, they will continue to make even more history as they introduce more people to the delicious taste of ‘America’s Native Spirit.'” Bottled at 70-proof, new Jim Beam Apple contains apple liqueur that’s been blended with Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Jim Beam Apple has a juicy, fresh green apple taste with a balance of tart and sweet, and with subtle oak undertones, with a lingering apple finish with a touch of oak. Jim Beam Apple has a fresh crisp green apple aroma with a golden honey color. Jim Beam Apple is best enjoyed with club soda as a “Jim Beam Apple and Soda”, or on-the-rocks.


Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition

New from the makers of Jameson Irish whiskey comes the caskmates stout edition. This is Jameson original finished in barrels formerly used to age Irish Stout beer. This adds a wonderful depth and complexity that is sure the please Jameson lovers and win over those interested in something new. Jameson's caskmates stout edition is amber in color and the aroma is of chocolaty malt. The flavor starts with sweet, nutty chocolate notes and finishes with coffee and slight happiness and a hint of smoke. I recommend enjoying Jameson's caskmates straight over ice or in your favorite whiskey cocktail.

Tom Mix High

Fill a tall glass with ice

2 oz Jameson Caskmates

Dash of Grenadine

Dash of Angostura bitters

Fill with soda water

Garnish with lemon


E&J Peach Brandy

Are you going to be by a nice campfire or cozy fireplace sometime this fall? You could finish that evening with a nice after dinner brandy. Well thanks to the Dutch for the idea to distill wine "Gebrande Wijn" or burnt wine into this fine aperitif. Now you can dip a cigar in brandy like the big shots or how about a big shot of your own 3/4 oz E&J Peach Brandy add 3/4 ox White Crème de Cocoa and 3/4 oz Peppermint Schnapps. There you go "Big Shot"

 CHEERS!! Jeffery