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The perfect margarita starts with the perfect tequila ESPOLON SILVER is made with 100% Pure de Agave. It has a crisp clean taste with hints of citrus made the old fashioned way. The Agave is cooked in brick ovens which keeps it sweeter. I would also recommend paring this with FRESHIES MARGARITA MIX which is made right here is Colorado and made with real limes, lemons, and a splash of orange. Then to finish off this great paring of alcohols I would top the margarita with GRAND MARNIER, which is an orange liqueur made from aged Cognac and tropical oranges which gives it a unique flavor. The perfect margarita is 1.5 oz of ESPOLON silver tequila, .5 oz of GRAND MARNIER and 5 oz of FRESHIES blend together or serve over ice and garnish with a lime. CHEERS!!!  Duane


Wild Turkey Rare Breed

The award winning Wild Turkey Rare Breed is a blend of 6, 8 and 12 year old bourdon whiskies bottles at 54.1% alcohol (barrel proof). The color is a medium gold amber tone. The nose is leathery with a little sweetness and citrus. The flavor is smoky with oak, slight caramel, and a tough of citrus at the finish. Wild Turkey Rare Breed is best served chilled straight up or in a classic cocktail like the Mint Julep. CHEERS!!

Mint Julep In a Mint Julep cup add 2 sprigs of fresh mint leaves 1 tsp of brown sugar 1/4 cup crushed ice and muddle Fill cup with ice and add 3 oz of Wild Turkey Rare Breed and 1 oz soda water- Stir & Enjoy!




I know what you’re thinking… RUM, right, well now there’s PARROT BAY ORIGINAL MARAGARITA. The 1.75 liter bottle is ready for any occasion. Made with real tequila, triple sec and natural flavors this is your very own “beach in a bottle” ready to drink, all you need is ice, salt, a glass and a friend or two. I put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes for a frozen margarita effect. CHEERS!! Jeffery


is the world’s first “super premium” Irish cream liqueur. Coole Swan uses fresh cream from Ireland’s dairy lands and is blended with single malt Irish whiskey; comprised of notes of white and dark chocolate, Madagascar vanilla, and rich cocoa from Cote d’ Lvoire. Serve ice-cold in a frozen glass, or for even something different like with Coca Cola, for an unusual float. It’s a Perfect choice for the upcoming holiday just add a little green for St. Patrick’s Day!! Sean