Monthly Staff Selection


Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream This bourbon and cream is nothing you’ve ever tried before a wonderful heavy sweet cream, followed by vanilla, faint spice and some notes of chocolate. This would be the perfect treat in your coffee, or on the rocks, or try over some ice cream any flavor you choose!!! Duane


Appleton Estate, Gold Rum From Jamaica.

Appleton Estates Rum is hand blended by their Master Blender, Joy Spence. It starts with their small batch “reserve stock” which is blended with eighteen other rums for a delicious, balanced and complex flavor. The color is deep reddish brown. The nose is nutty and a little sweet. The flavor is nutty with toffee and vanilla notes and has subtle spice like nutmeg. The finish has slight oak and smoke. I highly recommend Appleton Estate Rum straight up in a tumbler or snifter, but it would be great in you favorite rum drink. Nathan


Rebel Yell

Shout out for Rebel Yell!! A wheat whiskey, one that uses wheat instead of Rye in the mash bill, with a soft full flavor expected in Kentucky straight bourbon, which will stand up against Jim, Ezra and even Evan. True to the original time honored recipe dating back to 1849. W.L. Weller and Company brings us this whiskey that as a fruity vanilla nose followed by a well integrated dark berry and honey flavor. Rebel Yell finishes quickly with a light orange hint. Neat if you choose, add a bit of water or over ice and you’ll understand the Rebel Yell or Rebel Yell your way up to the “Lt. Colonel.” Mix ½ oz orange juice and ½ oz lemon juice and ¾ oz white cream de cocoa and pour 1 ½ oz of Rebel Yell over and ice cube in a cocktail glass, add juice mix a splash of grenadine and a dash of bitters if you like, stir and enjoy!! Jeffery

Amarula Cream Liqueur Amarula is a product of South Africa and is produced using the fruit of the local Marula tree. You can replace Irish cream in most any drink with Amarula. The notable difference will be a peppery, citrus finish, other than that Amarula and Bailey’s Irish cream have a similar taste profile. Enjoy the cream liqueur on the rocks or make a Dom Pedro which can be made using 2 oz of Amarula, 5 oz of ice cream (vanilla), 1 oz heavy cream and garnish with chocolate. Sean