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Suavecito Tequila

Suavecito is Colorado owned and Mountain Grown, Our Blue Agave is grown in the red soil of the mountains of Jalisco, Mexico. These Highlands are particularly well suited to growing the Suavecito Blue Agaves. Our plants are slightly smaller, contain less water and produce a higher quality sugar. Suavecito is produced from Highland grown Agaves containing the highest concentration of sugar possible. Suavecito is 100% Blue Agave and is combined with a touch of agave nectar during distillation so that it can be enjoyed straight, in your favorite cocktail or margarita recipe. Distilled Only Once, We start with quality ingredients. We staff a team of growers that regularly test the soil to ensure only the best of growing conditions. Suavecito needs to be distilled only once to produce a smooth and 100% authentic taste. Then Rested in American Oak Barrels contribute unique flavors and distinct characteristics to Suavecito. Suavecito is rested in specially selected American Oak barrels to ensure that it’s 100% smooth. Bottled right here is Colorado to ensure the finest taste and quality. This incredibly delicious tequila is very mix-friendly and can be enjoyed chilled or on the rocks.



Breckenridge Spiced Rum

Breckenridge distillery is now offering a spiced rum. This rum is aged in Breckenridge Bourbon Barrels and finished with roots, spices and dried fruits. The color is amber gold. The nose of this rum does give hints of dried fruits like raisins. The sweetness is quite noticeable more so than the alcohol. The first thing about the taste is cinnamon which is most prominent and the brown sugar is also a distinct part of the flavor. Breckenridge spiced rum is a Colorado product and simply a great spiced rum for enjoying straight up or in a great cocktail.  Cheers!

Bermuda Triangle

Fill a tall glass with ice

1 oz Breckenridge spiced rum

1 oz Peach schnapps

Fill with orange juice




Rum ?? From Colorado ?!? MONTANYA ORO RUM

From Crested Butte, Colorado, the Montanya distilleries say yes. While they power their entire facility with only wind powered generators they still use traditional methods of making rum. Starting with pure cane sugar and using copper pot stills, and never using any artificial flavors or colors. Together with your locally owned Cheers Liquor Mart we can help Keep Colorado Strong by keeping a gem like Montanya Rum going.

Side Car

Pour 3 oz Montanya Oro Rum

Into a coupe cocktail glass with ice

Add the juice of 1 orange and & 1/2 of a Lime

Then add simple syrup to sweeten the taste.

Colorado Strong Enjoyment!!